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Miracle Of The Cards

Eight-year-old cancer patient Craig Shergold breaks The Guinness World Record for receiving get-well cards when he amasses 1.3 million cards.

  • Item 00713D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr 29 min
Retail: $14.99
Price: $5.00
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Craig Shergold (Thomas Sangster) is an eight-year-old cancer patient who, during the course of his treatment, manages to shock the world by breaking The Guinness World Record for receiving get-well cards, amassing an astounding 1.3 million cards from around the globe. But as amazing as that is, it’s only the beginning of the miracles.

When a skeptical reporter (Kirk Cameron) is sent to investigate the real facts behind this incredible true-life story, he is expecting to uncover another over-sensationalized account of God supposedly intervening in the lives of faithful believers. What he finds is nowhere close to what he’s expecting.

A heartwarming story of love and faith in the face of death,
Miracle of the Cards will bring tears to your eyes and make even the toughest skeptics examine their own faith. Based on a true story. Also starring Catherine Oxenberg, Peter Wingfield and Richard Thomas.

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