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Gospel of Matthew

This critically acclaimed, epic production – five years in the making – is the first-ever word-for-word account of the life of Jesus as recorded in the biblical Gospel of Matthew.

  • Item 25123D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 190 min.
Retail: $14.99
Price: $7.99
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The Gospel of Matthew was the most popular Gospel in the early Christian centuries. Written for a Christian community as it begins to separate from the Jewish world, Matthew’s Gospel goes to great lengths to show that, as the Messiah, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies referring to God’s Saviour. Narrated in the NIV version by leading British actor Stephen Tompkinson and in the KJV by David Threlfall — featuring specially constructed sets and the authentic countryside of Morocco — it immerses the viewer in the world of first-century Palestine. Starring Selva Rasalingam, Karima Goult, and Ramdane Aaia. Widescreen.

Includes two different biblical text translations: the New International Version and King James Bible. (Est and Sst)

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