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Creation Or Evolution?

Has the age-old stand-off between science and religion taken a new turn? This carefully researched DVD sheds helpful new light on the Creation vs. Evolution debate.

  • Item 500874D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 58 min

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Has the age-old stand-off between science and religion taken a new turn?

Can the Bible's account of creation be reconciled with modern scientific fact? How did so many life-forms come into existence? This carefully researched video sheds helpful new light on the debate. Whether you're a parent, teacher, student or are simply curious, you'll appreciate the candid, informative, Christian perspective and analysis of both the geologic record and the biblical account of creation. This video will help you and your loved ones better understand this controversial subject.

Includes optional English subtitles. Fullscreen.

Editorial Reviews

As scientists unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, they are changing the way we look at the universe, raising challenging questions for those who believe in God. One of these is whether the Bible’s account of creation can be reconciled with scientific fact. In this installment of the series Science and Religion: Bridging the Gap, host John Halford – teacher, minister, and journalist – is joined by a professor of Christian philosophy, a geologist, a geneticist, a marine biologist, and even the President of Queens College, Cambridge, to discuss the issue. After making a case for “microevolution” – borne out through fossil evidence and variations within the species --- the conversation turns to Darwin’s “macroevolution” theory, arguing that life forms cannot gradually evolve into new species, which leaves room for “creative” or intelligent design. Citing Galileo’s contention that “truth cannot contradict truth,” the conclusion drawn here is that when scientific truth is at odds with Scripture, one or the other or both have been misunderstood, and scientists and theologians should reexamine and reconsider their views. Produced by Plain Truth Ministries (“Christianity without the religion”), this is a lavish production featuring crisp cinematography, photographs, and animation to back its argument for intelligent design. Given the library’s mandate to provide, when possible and feasible, both sides of controversial issues, this excellently-made film is highly recommended.

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