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Must The Sun Set On The West?

The late Chuck Colson called Vishal Mangalwadi, “One of the greatest Christian worldview thinkers of our time.” Now, Mangalwadi, an Indian-born intellectual, social reformer, and author of 13 books, has released a series of lectures on DVD called Must the Sun Set on the West?

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This series is based on the book entitled "The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization". These lectures, recorded at the University of Minnesota, fill a vital need for anyone who wants to understand the root cause of the West's decline and what must be done to reverse it. With charm and passion, Dr. Mangalwadi argues that the Bible is the soul of Western Civilization and its rejection and replacement by the secular narrative has led to a gradual but ever-intensifying decline. But far from being a prophet of doom, Mangalwadi gives hope for Western renewal based on a return to biblical values. This is a 3 disc DVD set which includes ten 60-minute lectures plus one bonus lecture:

1. From Michelangelo to Freud: The Devolution of Human Dignity
In this lecture, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi suggests that the doctrine of human dignity was a foundational assumption that made the West unique.

2. From Bach to Cobain: Losing the Soul of Music and Hope
In this lecture, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi explores what made the West a uniquely musical and optimistic civilization, enabling it to sing "Joy to the World" in a world full of evil and suffering.

3. From Da Vinci to Dan Brown: The Decline from Reason to Mysticism
For 500 years, scholars recognized Leonardo da Vinci as a quintessential Renaissance man: a man of reason. Now novelist Dan Brown has fictionalized da Vinci into a promoter of non-rational sexual mysticism.

4. From Science to Sorcery: Why Witchcraft Appeals More Than Science
This lecture explains why the postmodern West is more interested in Harry Potter than Isaac Newton.

5. From Luther's Vicarage to Hefner's Harem: Turning Men into (Play)boys and Women into 'Desperate Housewives'
In this lecture, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi explains why the postmodern West is becoming a culture of desperate housewives. It is turning men into boys who cannot take responsibility for the women they love and the children they produce.

6. From the Scottish Reformation to the Iraqi War: Does Washington Know the West's Recipe for Freedom?
In this lecture Vishal Mangalwadi argues that the American attempt to liberate Iraq became a quagmire, at least for a while, because the Sunnis have good reason to fear a Shi'ite majority. The tyranny of the majority can be infinitely worse than the tyranny of a despot.

7. From the Great Awakening to a 'New Age': Beyond Good and Evil
In this lecture, Dr. Mangalwadi explains how morality was written into the DNA of the West. He reminds us that in the early 18th century, the West was as corrupt as most nations are today. It was transformed by spiritual revivals that resulted from the preaching of the gospel by men such as Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and John Wesley.

8. From Paul to Paris Hilton: Can a Defeated Messiah Save Hollywood Heroes?
Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi points out that the heroism that built the West consisted of an inner spiritual substance. 20th-century thinking has secularized charisma into a superficial, external makeup.

9. From Tolerance to Terrorism: Why Do Taxpayers Pay Advocates to Defend Law Breakers?
This lecture was delivered days after a jury found a 23-year-old British woman, Samina Malik, guilty of possessing terrorist literature. The lecture traces the history of tolerance from 17th-century philosopher John Locke, who defended freedom of belief and expression, to Ms. Malik, who was convicted for her faith in radical Islam, and for expressing her religious ideas in poetry.

10. From Darkness to the Light: Must the Sun Set on the West?
Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi asserts that the sun need not set: a revival is possible. He describes how he discovered the light. His secular education had left him with nothing but skepticism and nihilism. Its worst aspect was that the university taught him absolutely nothing about the light that liberated and modernized his motherland India.

Bonus Lecture - From Monasteries to the Twin Towers: The Crumbling Spirituality of Capitalism
Most people assume that business and management are secular activities, but on the basis of his firsthand experience, Dr. Mangalwadi explains how religion prevented his native India from developing industrial capitalism and professional management.

Vishal Mangalwadi is an international lecturer, social reformer, cultural and political columnist, and author of thirteen books. Born and raised in India, he studied philosophy at universities, in Hindu ashrams, and at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. In 1976 he turned down several job offers in the West to return to India where he and his wife, Ruth, founded a community to serve the rural poor.

In demand worldwide, Vishal is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has lectured in 34 countries. He enjoys simplifying complex ideas and inspiring despairing hearts with hope.

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Editorial Reviews

Vishal Mangalwadi, a native of India, is one of the greatest Christian worldview thinkers of our day… His uniquely Indian perspective on the centrality of the Bible for the development of the West and its emphasis on human dignity makes (his work) essential for any thinking Christian. And it serves as a stark warning to the Western world that we forget the Bible and the Christian faith only at great peril to our liberty and even our survival.

Chuck Colson Author and founder of Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

With solid, detailed information, clarity of presentation, and logical force, Vishal Mangalwadi enables anyone willing to see how our “Western” world depends entirely upon what the Bible, and it alone, teaches about reality and how to live…. At this point our institutions are lost. It is time for the prophet. Here we have one.

Dallas Willard Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

This is an extremely significant piece of work with huge global implications. For too long now the West has flirted with a Naturalistic worldview that has jeopardized the most sacred aspects of life and living…Vishal therefore brings a timely message and shows how profoundly and meaningfully the Bible does have the prescription for bringing healing to the nations that have never known human dignity or social, economic, and political freedoms.

Ravi Zacharias, Author and Speaker

Not since Francis Schaeffer’s ‘How Should we then Live?’ in 1977 have we had so lucid and far-ranging an explanation of what troubles the global community. The author’s scholarship and intellectual penetration are everywhere apparent, yet never at the expense of a simple, straightforward and even disarming narrative. I can’t recommend it too highly.

Ronald Macaulay Founder of Christian Heritage, Cambridge, England

…Vast in scope, penetrating in its depth, prophetic in its message…

Art Lindsley Senior Fellow, the C.S. Lewis Institute, Washington DC

"Must the Sun Set on The West" fills a vital a need for anyone who wants to understand the root cause of the West's decline and what must be done to reverse it. The West was built upon the foundation of the Bible where the Creator established humankind with individual dignity, moral responsibility, and ultimate justice. In the secular narrative humans are merely animals evolved by natural processes without a transcendent morality or final justice. It is this secular narrative that is corroding the heart of Western civilization.

With charm and passion, Vishal Mangalwadi illustrates the West's setting sun by discussing the decline of Western science, music, literature, art, government, morals, culture, and education. His understanding of ancient and contemporary philosophy provides the listener with an intellectual basis to understand the rationale for this decline. His memorable experiences from India captivate the listener and illustrate his thesis for the West's setting sun. His series of lectures could not be more opportune than now.

Ted J McDonald, Ph.D., president of the Christian Neuroscience Society, Director of Mars' Hill Foundation, member of the Society for Neuroscience.

We continue to hear within academic settings that the superlative rationality of Classical Greek thinkers was snuffed out by the superstitious irrationality of Medieval Christian churchmen. The ever-esteemed Enlightenment historian Edward Gibbon elucidates the tragedy with supposed eloquence and erudition, claiming Christianity not only caused the decay of the Roman Empire, but it was the primary cause of the Dark Ages that ensued.

Though forged on the anvil of Classical Greek thought, Rome succumbed, and it isn’t until the Italian Renaissance and the Enlightenment that we are again in touch with great Classical Greek thought—the shackles of Christian superstition broken, and we see the light of human reason shining through.

But with genuine eloquence and erudition, and perhaps more persuasively than anyone else today, Vishal exposes this meta-narrative for the myth that it is, soundly demonstrating that Western Civilization was built on the very back of Western Christianity, which was built on the DNA of the Bible.

Vishal’s work is simply vital.

Hank Hanegraaff President Christian Research Institute

This is a highly accessible intellectual history, part spiritual autobiography, part prophetic warning to the declining West. Mangalwadi's perspective is that of a widely-read Christian from the 'Global South.' From it he provides a sober, unflattering assessment of our identity crisis, showing how it results from an under-nourished, severely atrophied world-view, increasingly divorced as we are from the biblical foundation that once gave us both coherence and a self transcending sense of purpose.

David Lyle Jeffrey, PhD. FRSC Distinguished Professor of Literature and the Humanities, Baylor University, Waco, TX

Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi is one of India's best-known Christian intellectuals; among his accomplishments are founding a community development organization in the 1970's to aid India's rural poor. Must the Sun Set on the West? is a DVD compilation of ten of Mangalwadi's lectures (plus a bonus lecture) given at the University of Minnesota. The common theme binding these lectures is about harmful attitudes have been permeated Western culture, and the value of Christian faith and the Bible in helping to restore Western commitments to freedom, justice, and compassion. The lectures include "From Michelangelo to Freud: The Devolution of Human Dignity", "From Science to Sorcery: Why Witchcraft Appeals More Than Science", "From Paul to Paris Hilton: Can a Defeated Messiah Save Hollywood Heroes?", "From Tolerance to Terrorism: Why Do Taxpayers Pay Advocates to Defend Lawbreakers?" and much more. Must the Sun Set on the West? is a thought-provoking cultural perspective from a thinker who admires the positive aspects of Western culture yet is unafraid the exhaustively question its negative aspects, and highly recommended to anyone concerned about current culture wars.

The answer to the titular apocalyptic question is "no," at least according to Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi in this series of 10 lectures delivered at the University of Minnesota. Of course, there's an "if": the Indian-born Mangalwadi argues that the West can survive and prosper provided it returns to foundational principles it has tossed aside. Westerners must embrace the reverence for human dignity that has been replaced by nihilism, regain the confidence in reason and science that has given way to mysticism and obscurantism (often of Eastern origin), and—most important—recover the religious underpinnings that once grounded Western beliefs and practices. Mangalwadi, a decidedly conservative Christian convert, casts these and similar nostrums in the form of questionable contrasts between past greatness and contemporary embarrassment (Bach/Kurt Cobain, Da Vinci/Dan Brown, Martin Luther/Hugh Hefner, the Apostle Paul/Paris Hilton), while also identifying the usual suspects in the intellectual degeneration that could doom the West—Darwin, Freud, Nietsche, and Marx. But while Mangalwadi is a very personable lecturer, his historical evidence tends to selectively arrange facts to buttress his preordained conclusions. DVD extras include a bonus lecture. While likely to appeal to those who already agree with Mangalwadi, this is unlikely to persuade others. Optional.

I just screened MUST THE SUN SET ON THE WEST. You were excellent. The content is compelling. You need to make it in a dramatic feature film format that will capture an audience. Also, lots of small segments for youtube. Bravo. You are appreciated. You are in my praise and prayers. You are a blessing and blessed. God bless you! Yours in Christ, Ted Baehr

Customer Reviews

You know how at times you sit back and see how God has brought along the right person at the right time to meet a compelling need? That’s what happened to us at Hollywood Pres. This teaching blew us away and set us alive with the truth of the gospel with such dignity and respect for those outside Orthodox Christianity that you could invite anyone – a neighbor or an atheist and not fear they would be offended. Vishal was such a gift! Susan Rigby Director of Spiritual Formation First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood Hollywood, CA

Just as they did when Vishal first presented this material on the campus of the University of Minnesota, these videos are certain to arouse, challenge, and provoke anyone who cares about the future of Western civilization. Dr. Robert Osburn Executive Director, Wilberforce Academy

Twelve to fifteen adults came together weekly to watch Vishal's penetrating lectures on the biblical origins of the West's truly unique civilization. Because these lectures are so rich in content, thoughtful discussion followed each one. But a startling message came through them all loud and clear: We must test the beliefs/mores of Western culture, seriously repent, and return to our biblical roots, or the sun will surely set on the West. Donald J. Oswald PHd Professor of Economics, California State University

- Vishal a Hit

My sister loaned me this set saying she had found it so compelling she watched almost all ten hours in one day when she was laid up with a sore back. I found she was right. It was so addictive I watched six parts one Sunday afternoon and evening! Great summary of the difference the Bible and the incarnation made in the thinking of the west. Vishal Mangalwadi prompted me to go out and buy Landes' Wealth and Poverty of Nations. I want to show this series in our church.

- Good

It was a great series. I really enjoyed it and made a lot of good points that I never thought about earlier. Each video in the series is unique with its topic and make a very good attempt to make the audience think about it.

- Great DVD

I learned so much from this DVD. I went to graduate school and I consider myself well educated. However, I never learned how much influence Christianity had on the West. Thank you Dr.Mangalwadi. I have already shared with friends what you have taught me. God bless you and your family.
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