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John Bunyan - The People's Pilgrim

The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan, is one of the most famous and influential works of English literature

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The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan, is one of the most famous and influential works of English literature. Since its first publication in 1678, it has never been out of print and is reported to have sold more copies than any other book except for the Bible. But who was the man behind this great work?

This documentary reveals the story of John Bunyan's life, his personal struggles, his triumphs, and his remarkable legacy. The uneducated son of a tinker, Bunyan survived the horrific English Civil War only to be jailed during an era of great religious persecution. From his jail cell Bunyan wrote his great allegory of the Christian life. Join us as we follow the well-trod path of John Bunyan from the "Slough of Despond" through the narrow gate and on to the "Celestial City."

Editorial Reviews

John Bunyan: The People's Pilgrim is an enlightening DVD documentary about John Bunyan (1628-1688), author of the Christian allegory The Pilgrim's Progress, one of the most well-known and influential works of spiritual literature. Bunyan lived an incredible life; from humble origins as the uneducated son of a tinker, he miraculously survived the deadly English Civil War, and spent years in jail for his faith; The Pilgrim's Progress was written during his imprisonment. John Bunyan: The People's Pilgrim vividly portrays an extraordinary true story, and is highly recommended for personal viewing and church library collections.

A biography of the 17th-century English writer and Baptist preacher John Bunyan, The People's Pilgrim tells Bunyan's fascinating story through dramatic re-enactments, archival material, walking tours of the places where he lived, and the perspectives of interviewed historians. Best known as the author of the still-popular The Pilgrim's Progress, a book about an Everyman figure making his way out of Hell to Heaven despite his past sins, the Bunyan we initially meet here is a young man who marries and turns to religion under the influence of his wife. A repentant man, Bunyan begins preaching at "nonconformist" gatherings (i.e., outside the Anglican church), and becomes a popular figure at many Christian events. But when these unofficial worship rituals are outlawed, Bunyan is arrested and spends 12 years in prison, during which time he wrote numerous works, including an early draft of The Pilgrim's Progress. Bunyan's hardships and those of his two wives (he remarried after his first wife died) and children are detailed along the way, as is his continued rebellion after being freed. Telling the story of a key figure who not only had a major influence on Christian thought but is still read today, this is recommended.

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