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Angel in the Family

Includes two movies: Angel in the Family and What I Did for Love.

  • Item 501803D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
Retail: $9.99
Price: $2.99
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Angel in the Family - Get ready to believe the impossible. Sarah Bishop and her estranged sister Beth are reunited after their father Buddy suffers a mild stroke. Buddy, who’s never accepted the loss of his wife Lorraine, wants only one thing—to return home for Christmas. With sweet memories of a life gone by, Sarah makes an impossible wish that her mother could be there, too. By morning, it is as if a winter prayer has been answered. Bearing a message of hope, healing, and everlasting love, a miracle has arrived.... Starring Meredith Baxter, Ronny Cox, Natasha Gregson Wagner, and Tracey Needham. 88 minutes

What I Did for Love - Up-and-coming L.A. lawyer James White is going home for the holidays with his fiancee, Sadie Ryder, to finally meet her family in rural Pine Gap. After blundering through a bad first impression, James attempts to win over Sadie’s lawyer-loathing father Karl by pretending to be a horse-riding, hay-baling, game-hunting, seasoned square dancer. But a pair of worn jeans and a ten-gallon hat don’t make a cowboy, and it’s going to take more than mere posturing to charm Mr. Ryder—in fact, it may just take a miracle. Starring Sally Struthers, James Gannon, Jeremy London, and Dorie Barton. 88 minutes

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