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St Bakhita - Set of Two

St Bakhita - Set of Two - includes - Bakhita - From Slave to Saint Two Suitcases

  • Item 97942D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 238 Min
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Bakhita - From Slave to Saint
Born in Sudan, Bakhita is kidnapped as a young girl by slave dealers, then sold and resold as a slave to different masters. She is rescued by Federico Martin, a widower from Italy who sees her plight and pities her. He brings her back to Italy to look after his young daughter, Alina, in the small town of Veneto. Amidst the prejudice and antagonism of the people there, Bakhita remains kind and generous in her service. Through Father Antonio, the local priest, and the support of the Daughters of Charity, Bakhita grows in her faith in God and gets baptized. She decides to join the kind Sisters in the religious life. However Martin wants Bakhita to return to him and Alina is afraid of losing her companion. Eventually though, Martin realises that he cannot treat her as a slave, the fate from which he had originally rescued her in the past. Bahkita is freed to follow her chosen path. Bakhita died in 1947 and was canonised on 1 Oct, 2000 by Pope John Paul II. Saint Bakhita has become a symbol of freedom and reconciliation, and is today the patron saint of Africa.

Languages: Italian, English Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles (accessible using the DVD remote.)

Two Suitcases
Josephine was born in 1869 in Sudan. As a child of 7 or 8, she was taken away by Arab slave traders and given the name "Bakhita," meaning "fortunate," and then sold no less than five times between 1877 and 1883. She was subjected to beatings which left deep scars on her body. Finally in 1883 she was purchased by an Italian Consulate agent, Calisto Legnani, who was much kinder to her. Legnani returned to Italy in 1885, taking Josephine with him. There she was entrusted to the care of the Michieli family in Venice. When the Michielis went to the Sudan on business, Josephine stayed at the Catechumen Institute in Venice, run by the Canossian Sisters. It is here that she discovered the faith and learned that God, not man, is the true Master of every human being. When the Michielis came to take her back to Sudan, she chose to remain there, and her new life began.

Sister Josephine demonstrated that God's love is stronger than any humiliation and suffering. Since her death in 1947, many miracles have been attributed to her. She was beatified in 1992 and declared a saint by Pope John Paul II in 2000.

This program dramatizes her extraordinary life, which is recalled through a Canossian Sister, sharing the details with her spiritually searching brother and thereby bringing to him serenity, a new hope for life, and a new joy in the Church.

Dubbed from Italian.

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