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Raising Your Children In An Ungodly World - BOOK

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Do you find it difficult to relate to your teenager? Mary Ronan can help. In speaking to thousands of teens each year, Mary has discovered the three things that most concern our youth today: pressure, drugs and alcohol, and sex. Mary explores how the media and popular culture assault our youth and offers parents guidance on how to talk to teens and help them deal with these influences. Her suggestions are built around three major themes: love them, lead them, and limit them.

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Stretch And Pray

  • Item 65137
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  • Media Type: Book

While on his pilgrimage trek through Thailand, Murray Finck discovered the benefits of daily stretching and quiet prayer. On the physical level, after only one week, the chronic back pain that had plagued him for twenty years disappeared. On a spiritual level, the poses deepened his prayer experiences. In this book, Finck provides a step-by-step guide to forty stretches to improve physical and spiritual well-being. Individuals can select the postures that work for them and customize a daily routine.

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