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The Savior

The story of the Man, His times, and His message. Taken directly from the Gospel of Luke and filmed in Israel and Palestine.(Parents cautioned :scenes of scourging and crucifixion violence.)

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 132 min

Alternate formats: Digital Video - $3.99

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It is a time when Rome rules the world with the power of life and death in its hands. The Roman province of Palestine is a bubbling cauldron of discontent. Onto this greater canvas Luke narrates the miraculous story of the man who changed the world. The Savior is a fresh portrayal of the life of Jesus with dialogue taken directly from the Gospel of Luke. It follows Jesus from his upbringing to his death and resurrection. The project was filmed entirely in Israel and Palestine using local actors, giving it a look and feel of authenticity. It has been translated into dozens of languages and broadcast around the world, bringing a realistic and faithful representation of the gospel to diverse audiences.

Dubbed in English from the original Arabic version.(Parents cautioned :scenes of scourging and crucifixion violence.)

Editorial Reviews

The Gospel of Luke is the primary source for director Robert Savo’s comparatively modest biographical film on Jesus, with an actor playing the evangelist Luke introducing the narrative and reappearing periodically throughout, both onscreen and via voiceover narration. The Savior begins with the Archangel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary, and the birth of John the Baptist, and proceeds up through Christ’s Crucifixion, Resurrection, and final instruction to the apostles. There are some excisions from the Gospel narrative, of course, and times when writer Philip Dorr expands on it, occasionally adding dialogue (Jesus’s second encounter with King Herod is a case in point) or emphasis (as in the priests’ contemptuous treatment of Jesus after his arrest). The dubbing into English is occasionally distracting (the original 2014 version of the film was in Arabic), but Shredy Jabarin conveys a soothing presence as Jesus, calm even during confrontations with opponents, and the supporting cast is fine. This cannot compare in sheer splendor with major Hollywood productions like King of Kings or The Greatest Story Ever Told, but in the final scenes it avoids the graphic nature of The Passion of the Christ, and for those more interested in meaning than spectacle, the economy of scale may seem a virtue. A sincere film meant to convey the Gospel message without unnecessary frills, this is recommended. Aud: P. (F. Swietek)

Customer Reviews

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