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In The Steps Of Moses

In the Steps of Moses is an exhilarating exploration of the life of Moses and the book of Exodus.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 48 mins

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In the Steps of Moses is an exhilarating exploration of the life of Moses and the book of Exodus. Host David Nunn carefully traces the Biblical texts and takes us to the very places where the events happened. The Exodus stands as the iconic event of the Hebrew Scriptures, and In the Steps of Moses shows us what really happened and why this ancient story continues to change the world today. Widescreen.

"WONDERFULLY ILLUSTRATED SUMMARY of the life of Moses." - Rev. Rico Tice

"A VERY FINE TEACHING TOOL and a great inspirer of faith!" - Rt. Rev. Michael Baughen

"A REAL TREAT! David Nunn takes us through the life of Moses, not just with all the historical and geographical details, but also with the deeper, everlasting truth that is as relevant today as ever. David brings Moses to vibrant life on our screens!" - Rev. Dr. Paul Blackham

Editorial Reviews

In the Steps of Moses explores the life of Moses as recorded in the book of Exodus. David Nunn, who writes, directs and presents the material, begins with the book of Genesis in order to explain how all Israelites came to Egypt and eventually became the Pharoah's slaves. Guided by the text of Exodus, Nunn shows us the places and routes the Israelites took under the leadership of Moses during their 40-year journey to the Promised Land. Telling the familiar story in the actual geographical places brings the Biblical history to life. I recommend this DVD for all church libraries. Viewing is appropriate for all ages and can be used in groups studies or viewed alone. A Biblical reference booklet in PDF format can be downloaded.

Using as a framework the iconic story told in the book of Exodus—in which God commissions Moses to free His people from slavery in Egypt—In the Steps of Moses combines historical documentary and travelogue, presenting biblical text and beautiful modern-day videography of Egypt. Host and director David Nunn has a contagious passion for his subject, reading passages with gusto and enthusiastically exploring possibilities. For instance, when Moses led the Exodus, did he take the southern route across the land, or the shorter northern alternative? Who among Moses' closest aides were at his side at the parting of the Red Sea? Would the composition of the sand support wagons and people? And what about the underwater shots in the Red Sea showing curious coral formations—some resembling wagon wheels and axles? Where was the burning bush located? Where is the real Mount Sinai where God is said to have delivered the Ten Commandments? The backdrops for Nunn's questions are such popular tourist sites as the pyramids, monasteries dating to the Middle Ages, the massive depiction of Ramses II carved into the side of a mountain, and assorted ruins—monuments of stone blasted and buried by the desert sands. Offering an engaging contemporary look at an ancient story, this is recommended.

Traveling to Egypt and Israel might not be affordable for most people, but this DVD gives a great armchair tour on the route Moses traveled. David Nunn uses Scripture to guide viewers on the path of the Exodus as he hosts this DVD.

The excellent photography shows mountains, rocks, valleys, and more that grace the area. Nunn carefully points out specific places where scriptural events took place. We see the wilderness where the Israelites wandered for 40 years and the mount from which God let Moses see the Promised Land. Nunn's narration is clear and helpful on this tour. One negative to this video is the filming of tourists walking along a few of the paths, but this is a minor issue. Recommended.

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