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Cherub Wings Set: #1 Thru #14 Plus Songs to Live By

Set includes Cherub Wings episodes 1 thru 14 plus "Songs to Live By". Does not include new episode, "Cherub Wings #15: Choices, Choices" and "Cherub Wings Music CD".

  • Item 98178D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 6 hrs 20 min
Retail: $152.85
Price: $79.99
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Using a combination of colorful 3-D animation and live-action, Cherub Wings is an entertaining and inspirational production geared for young children. Motivated by his endearing love for little children, Cherub Wings, a spirited full-of-life angel, is commissioned by God to present a variety show that will help kids grow in faith. The result is a celestial array of songs, storytelling, object lessons and interviews with children that teaches as well as entertains. Each episode includes a visualized prayer, an illustrated Bible story, two high concept kid music videos, a Jesus quote, a Scripture song, interviews, and loads of fun! Recommended for ages 3-7.

DVD Features:
Languages: English and Spanish language tracks
Subtitles: Optional English and Spanish subtitles

Cherub Wings #1: Little Things -- Serving God - More than anything else, Cherub wishes to share Heaven with children everywhere! What a surprise when Jesus commissions him to do so, resulting in a fun-packed, visual delight of a program. From visualized prayers to captivating songs, "Little Things" highlights the amazing effects of doing little things in a big way!

Cherub Wings #2: Gratitude Attitude -- Thankfulness - Chase away your frown! Turn it upside down, and bring the joy of praise into your heart with this entertaining 25 minutes. Gratitude is a great attitude! And this episode shows us how to bring sunshine to dreary days.

Cherub Wings #3: The Angel Song -- Christmas Episode - Join Cherub and his guide, Choirmaster, as they replay the warmth, excitement, anticipation and joy of the birth of a tiny little boy whose seemingly insignificant birth would echo hope for centuries to come.

Cherub Wings # 4: Following God's Call -- When little Samuel heard God calling him, he replied, "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening!" And so began a fascinating life of dedication to God's service! Children will also see how Jesus called Peter and Andrew to follow him as disciples and learn how Peter and Andrew's devotion to Jesus grew as Jesus gave them a huge catch of fish after they had tried all night and caught nothing.

Cherub Wings #5: Heaven's Troopers -- Obeying God's Word - Just as exercise and eating nutritious food help our bodies to grow strong, so does reading the Bible and obeying God's Word help strengthen our spiritual lives! Join Cherub and his friends as they take us through the fun steps of Bible fitness and discover that reading God's Word helps us to be obedient. Children see how God can use young people to serve Him just as Daniel, Samuel and Josiah did.

Cherub Wings #6: Never Outta Sight -- Jesus Cares - Little children sometimes feel that they're just too small to be of any significant value. But through this lively video they'll learn that not even one sparrow can fall to the ground without God knowing it. He even knows the number of hairs on our heads! Join Cherub as he entertainingly shows how much God does care about each one of us personally and individually.

Cherub Wings #7: Moldy Gold -- Finding Eternal Treasures - "I like this! I like that! I gotta have more! I want this! I want that! I want the whole store!" Everyone experiences "the gimmes"- that seemingly endless quest for the things that we think will make us truly happy only to end up wanting more! Join Cherub as he takes us through an adventurous treasure hunt in search of eternal jewels left for us to discover in God's Word!

Cherub Wings #8: Ooops! Sorry! -- Forgiveness - Everyone makes mistakes and everyone needs forgiveness and to forgive! Join Cherub and his friend, Chubby, in this funny new adventure from the "Cherub Wings" series as they learn the true meaning of Jesus' instructions to "forgive from the heart."

Cherub Wings #9: Out of Bounds -- Obedience - Just think of what it would be like to do just as you please. No rules, no limits, no restrictions! Pure fun! …Or would it be? In "Out of Bounds" Cherub and Chubby learn that doing just what you want may end up being just the opposite of what you expected!

Cherub Wings #10: Easter Episode -- In this Easter episode, a rousing space-chase in cherub chariots topple Cherub and Chubby into an awesome awareness of God's mighty power! Children will see the ultimate act of forgiveness in the crucifixion and will marvel at the power of God in the resurrection. They will learn that by accepting Jesus' gift of forgiveness, they can receive him as Savior.

Cherub Wings #11: Shine Your Light -- Sharing Jesus' Love - Before Jesus left the Earth, he commissioned His children to carry on His work by telling as many people as they could about him. But how exactly can this be done? In this video, Cherub and Chubby help children explore practical ways to share the message of Jesus' love with others in their everyday lives.

Cherub Wings #12: King's Castle -- Our Hearts As Christ's Home - Keeping a clean and tidy home is very important, but there is another house that everyone has—which needs just as much care and attention. In their own humorous and light-hearted way, Cherub and Chubby help children to understand that keeping their hearts clean and pure is just as important as caring for their surroundings. Children will learn that God is more important than material things or money.

Cherub Wings #13: Bold and Brave -- Fearless Faith - Sometimes we can be a little shy about our faith, and fear of what others will think of us looms like a giant along our path. But just as little David's faith in God gave him the boldness to face giant Goliath, God can give us the courage, boldness and joy to stand up for our faith!

Cherub Wings #14: Little Heroes -- Respecting others and showing kindness and courtesy - How often we pass by the store clerk, the street sweeper, the tired waitress and other service people without a second glance or even a show of gratitude. Yet Jesus said, "The way you have treated others is the way you have treated me."

Cherub Wings: Songs to Live By – Fun-filled hour of the very best music videos from the Cherub Wings series.

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Customer Reviews

- Love 'em

I ordered 2 sets one for me and one for my sister. I love these DVD's and they have captivated all 3 of my children from infancy. I love the messages they send and my kids love the songs. Best cartoons ever in my book!

- These are the greatest dvds you can buy for your children!!!

My grandson is a year old and he has been watching this show for months now and he absolutely loves it!!! He gets so excited every time the show comes on, so do my other grandchildren, who are three, seven, and nine.
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